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Techniques of football betting

Techniques of playing football betting formulas

Football is the world’s most popular sport. And it is also a betting game that people around the world are interested in because we can easily analyze the game. This makes it possible to lose very little money. But many people still lose money on football betting because today we will offer a simple way to bet on football. you can understand and follow immediately These techniques bring a lot of football players around the world.

§ Low price bets.

To bet on football at that low price Not stabbing each other at all. The first thing that must be studied is The team that we want to bet on, such as Chelsea v Manchester United, we have to look at the statistics of the last 3 times to see how many chances of conceding goals these two teams have if both teams keep a beautiful clean sheet. And there is a chance to lose less than 1 goal per 1 game. When that is the case, we can place low bets with peace of mind. Because this game will have very few goals. In addition, the bet is low. We have to start betting from before the start of the match. because it will be the best low price If we get shot Let us repeat the low bet in the same place in the amount of bets that are 1x more, it will increase the chances of getting more money.

§ High price bets

in high-priced football betting Let us look at the statistics of at least the last 5 games with how many goals have been scored. Most of the high-ball betting will choose to play with teams between the team that is good against teams that are much less good, such as Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace because there is a chance to score goals easily. or look at the odds If there are more than 1 next team, it means that this game has a chance to score 2 goals very easily. Therefore, high football betting gives you the opportunity to earn the most money. and most importantly, to bet on high football to get the best price We do not bet before the game starts. Wait for the first 10 minutes to pass. Because of the first 10 minutes to score a goal, there are very few chances. If there were no goals, the odds from 2.0 could easily be reduced to 1.5 or 1.75. We greatly increases your chances of winning are greater that

§ The competition takes two shots judgment.

We will see that the game in UEFA. Or many big events, often divided between 2 matches, home and away. In these games, we can find the weakness of the competition, such as Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, if in the first game Bayern Munich. Nick came in to win 2-1, which means that the next game when they go back to play at home, just don’t lose 2 goals or lose 2 to 1, they can qualify immediately from the number of goals lost. and the Always Goal rule Therefore, in this game the chances of the number of goals are very few, because Bayern Munich will open the game defensively. in order to have the highest chance of a round In a game with a round-trip competition like this We can analyze it. Or in the first game, there is one team that won 4 – 5 goals in the second game, they definitely won’t shoot again. because there is a chance to qualify comfortably therefore keeping the real one for other items Therefore, it is very easy to score.