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Person in the Q Queen card,

as with other cards in casino games. The Queen card is the second largest card after the King card, which has zero points in Baccarat, but the Q card is considered the largest card after the King card in poker games. The queen on the four cards He was also an honorable person in ancient history. There are stories and recordings from various sources as follows:

Q Queen of Spades: Queen Budika (The brave queen who led the Icenae against the Romans)

In AD 60-61 Queen Budika was Queen of British Isene. led the Aisene army to clash with the Romans There are battle events that Before that, her husband, Prasutagus, had agreed to hand over his daughter to the Roman Empire to end the invasion. But the husband died before The Roman Empire therefore considered the oath never to exist and occupied it. She was beaten and her daughter was raped. With this pain she led an army against the Romans. Some sources state that she sacrificed herself as a sacrifice to the goddess Andras. To protect and ask her tribe of Aizen to win.

Q Queen Dog : Queen of Zeba. (Consort of Solomon, King of Israel)

Queen of Ziba Consort of Solomon, King of Israel She is a famous queen in the Ethiopian region. And the queen of Ziba has many names for each region, as

Ethiopia calls her Makeda or Maqueda.

Kenya calls her Nakuti,

Yemen calls her Mareb,

Islamic legends call her Bilqis or Balqis,

Romans call her Nicaule.

Q Queen of Hearts: The 7th Creopatra (Queen of Wisdom and Affection, though not pretty) was the Queen of Ancient Egypt. and the last dynasty of the Ptolemy dynasty of Macedon Thus, it was the last Egyptian ruler of Greek descent.

Q Queen of Diamonds: Queen Esther. (Jewish Queen of Iran) Esther, Queen of Persia (Iran)

The four great queens with her beauty and talent have been recounted and recorded in history for future generations to remember and know widely today. It also provides fun for those gamblers who like to bet on different types of card games as well

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