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How to choose roulette numbers

How to choose favorite numbers in roulette games

Actually, the formula for winning in roulette games is not much. Because, as the rules of betting have stated, is that you can only choose the correct number. only The opportunity to make money is already more than others. And the secret to profit from roulette bets is simple. It only requires observation. which method It’s not as difficult as you think. Because we have tried it and found that it works as follows.

Notice what color the game is on the other side.

If more red clearly You don’t have to worry about what color to stab. because only red That you would choose in the next at least 5 eyes, and of course cut the choice by more than half. For people who choose to invest in numbers for example If you choose to place money on the numbers that are on the red side only, 100 baht per number and then get a prize from any number, you can be able to get more than half of the profit. The important thing is to choose to bet on the specified red box. too for safety Because at least if you guess the wrong number, you still get a small amount of money back. It’s still good.

Don’t overlook 0

in every game. Ignoring 0 is considered a very wrong decision. And if you are a bit cautious, you will find that in some occasions 0 is the number that will generate income for us very well.

See if numbers are even or odd.

Let’s dive into the information a bit. After knowing that most of the numbers come out with what color, later try to observe that. Those numbers come out at odd or even numbers. or alternately To make it easier to predict the outcome of the numbers that will be released in the next turn. and the same in order to cut off the remaining options From the color cut, whether to choose red or black as the main, so you don’t have to invest too much.

When applying the principle in the first paragraph and the last one comes together There will be a few numbers left for us to bet on. But it is the one that has the most chance to come out. The important thing is not to forget to place money in the specified color box. and odd results to get more prize money That’s it, the chance to guess the next number. where the ball will fall into the slot of the roulette game It can be done as it has been calculated as well. however Maybe choose another number that you like. In order to bet on every 15 eyes, it is a guarantee that it will also be issued. It may be a number that does not require any digits. just we like To add more options for yourself, that’s it, and you’re all set. for receiving multiple prize money from roulette game