How do I apply for a visa ?

Let’s see that Where can I contact if I want to apply for a visa ?

  1. Contact the embassy or visa application center directly

This is the traditional method most people do when applying for a visa. is to apply for a วีซ่าอยู่ไทยถาวร by yourself Before going to contact the embassy or the visa application center It is necessary to have the documents ready. Details of the documents to be prepared can be found on the website of each country’s embassy. Because each country has different details.


  1. Apply for a visa online

Currently, some countries can now apply for a visa online. For convenience and speed They can fill out online forms and upload personal information such as photographs and necessary documents for consideration. which when going to the website, there will be details of what documents are required
Countries that can apply for a visa online include Australia, New Zealand and Canada, etc. However, there are requirements for applying for a visa online. and time of submission that must be studied first every time


  1. Apply for a visa at the destination airport (Visa on Arrival)

Many people are confused between Visa on Arrival and Visa Free. Don’t be mistaken because Visa Free means that you can enter for a specified period of time without a visa, but Visa on Arrival is a visa that Thai passport holders can apply for. at the destination airport at the immigration channel By having to fill out the form completely. and pay a visa application fee. Depending on the length of stay in that country, the approval of the visa depends on the decision of the authorities whether to pass the immigration or not.

For countries that can apply for a Visa on Arrival visa such as Fiji, Jordan, Nepal and the Solomon Islands. However, you should study the latest information as Visa on Arrival is subject to change at any time.