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Easy-to-understand Big Road table

This baccarat statistical table “Big Road” is the most used online baccarat formula table. Call it the main table that has it all. which other tables will be referenced or developed from this table. Also, this table is the easiest to read in the game. And look at the most understandable game, especially newbies You can practice using statistics to help bets from the Big Road baccarat table.

How to use the Big Road table is quite simple. See and understand immediately Characteristics of this table It is a table with 6 rows in depth and has very long columns to the side. The result of the banker’s side is hollow red. And the color that leaves the player’s side is hollow blue.

when begging The output is recorded from top to bottom and left to right (starting from the top left corner)

– blue or red notes if the second eye result is the same color. It will be recorded below.

– If it’s in a new color, it will change a new column. Keep switching columns Red and Blue

– The draw will not be displayed. in a separate circle may be used as a number green on the inside if always one time Either a number 1 or a draw may be entered twice, the number 2 may also be placed in the last colored hollow circle

– the result of a pair of cards is shown as a dot on the edge. If the player pairs It will be a blue dot on the edge of the circle, lower right, but if it is a banker pair card, it will show on the circle on the upper left edge.

If gamblers study the Big Road baccarat statistical table, then understand some. Try to bet on a free trial field. It’s considered a practice of using statistics to help predict the outcome to have more chances of winning at baccarat bets. Importantly, this table focuses on looking at the dragon card layout and the table tennis card layout as well.