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7 techniques card layout

7 techniques for viewing Baccarat card layout

Looking at the decks, there are 7 different types of card layouts, which is a very difficult formula for playing Baccarat card games. If you want to study in just a few minutes, it will make you a professional gambler. But do not be impatient to place bets in each bet, you need to be calm and do not rush because even though you can still play at any time, we recommend Baccarat with 7 great formulas as follows:

1. Always look at the back of the card: it will always bet on the pair of cards. The bet in which we observed from the statistics of the previous results. by the results released earlier The cards must be drawn in a row of 4-5 draws, for example. The cards are drawn like 10 J, 10 K, J k and Q. If they are drawn like this for a long time, you can bet on a tie. Because there is definitely more than 70-85% winning results.

2. Viewing the odd-even card layout : Viewing the odd-even card layout It is a style in which odd and even cards are dealt. For example, PPPP, this is a pair of cards. But if it’s BBB, this is the odd card. It is a card that has 2 winning characteristics. If you come across a card like this You can bet according to the cards.

3. Viewing the 3 rows of cards: It is the most popular card layout. Looking at this card layout, you will notice the previous 3 rows of cards. what is that front After that, if you already know which one is the most front, you can choose to bet according to that one. Guarantee that you win the bet for sure.

4. Following a pair of cards: It is a form of play that relies on the principle of playing. In which we choose to bet on the winning card with an even number. for example Either side wins with the number 2 4 6 8, let us place a bet on that side, let us place a bet on the PLAYER side because there is a chance that you will win up to 98%.

5. Viewing Ping Pong Tiles : It is the easiest card to play on Baccarat. online gambling website It is an alternating design pattern of both sides. If you find a card layout that is in this format, you can choose to bet alternately. Because there is a very high chance of winning.

6. Viewing the Dragon card layout: This is the most basic and popular card layout. It’s an easy-to-read card layout that can earn you a lot of money. There will be a card issue of either side that wins several eyes in a row. If the red side is issued consecutively, it is called a red dragon. And if you go to the blue side in a row, it is often called the Blue Dragon.

7. Viewing the 2 cut 1 card layout: It is a viewing technique that is necessary to know beforehand that What type of card layout statistics were previously issued? But in the layout of 2 cut 1 cards, there will be a design style. One side wins 2 times and then the card switches to the other side 1 time. In the third eye, you can choose to stab the other side.