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3 Theory of Baccarat part 1

1. Theory of ideas Martingale (Martingale)

How to make Baccarat money popular all over the world. It’s a trick that can be made simple. understandable uncomplicated The theory of how to walk money like Martingale (Martingale), or in another name that Thai gamblers call each other, referring to compound betting. The Martingale Mart is often used by many Binary Option investors and gamblers.

It is an arithmetic approach to placing bets. can easily know When you lose, the bet is paid twice the amount of the previous turn. And if you lose again, keep multiplying by 2 until your game wins. When winning, then go back to start counting again. It will be that we reclaim the capital that we lost.

for example If you start at 20 baht and lose, the next turn will be down to 40 baht. If you lose again, go down 80 baht. If you still lose, go down 160 baht. Keep doing this until you win. When winning, then go back down to 20 baht again. Using this trick, no matter what, the profit gained will return all the money we lost. If we win at the end

in gambling payments We therefore would like to advise in the stakes that payout amounts are less than 1 percent of the total stake. Or start betting in a small amount and add more often. But using the method of walking money Margaret Gale, there is a limit that is in the betflix baccarat table, most often specifying a limit for betting.

Therefore, you should calculate carefully how many times you can lose close together for all your limits. And you have to set your own budget. Profit and loss amount should be specified. Because sometimes we may not always have good luck. If calculated according to the principle of feasibility The chances of losing 4 out of 5 consecutive defeats are very few, but anything can happen.